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Five Ways Yoga Can Help Your Love Life by Rania Dalloul

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14 Aug 2017, 10 GMT+10

It is not impossible that you are hearing the word Yoga for the first time. It is also possible you have heard it a couple of times but don't really know what it's all about. Everyone desires to have a romantic relationship; in this short article, albeit, pithy, Rania Dalloul has surmised five amazing ways yoga can help your love life. But first, what is yoga? Yoga can be described as the union between the body, the soul and the mind-this can be achieved by exercising all the three entities.

Ok, let's unveil these five nuggets!

1. Makes you accept yourself

Society has a very annoying, yet subtle, way of getting into your skin and making you not you. And the moment you try to fit in, you begin to lose yourself, and the moment you begin to lose yourself, you begin to lose everything: health, love, finance, self-esteem etc. Yoga helps you to accept yourself as you are. Through consistent meditation-and hey, it doesn't have to be several hours, start with few hours, or even minutes-you will begin to feel this beautiful quietude within your mind. When this happens, you will have learned to accept others for who they are as well. This is a vital part of any relationships-accepting one another.

2. Opens your eyes to selflessness

Yes, you read that well. Yoga opens the eyes! You begin to see the simplicity of life as it truly is. The more you practise meditation, which by the way is just an aspect of yoga, you will begin to see less of materialism in the world and more of its meaningful nuances. You will literally learn from so-called insignificant things: from the ants, the weather, the birds, people etc. You will also learn to let go easily because you are seeing less of yourself. You will agree anyone with this quality of selflessness will have a beautiful love life.

3. Helps you have control over your emotions

Selfishness and ego are the fuel that inflame our emotions negatively. Yes, you are right about what set our emotions on the right path: selflessness and humility! Tensions on the mind is what provoke anxiety, insecurity, inferiority complex and even mania. All this helps relationships hit the rock, not to nurture it. Yoga, through breath control and muscle toning, can help reduce, and even extirpate tensions totally. A relationship void of love, trust, selflessness is sure on its way to Bermuda Triangle. Not funny!

4. Makes you healthy and mentally alert

A sound health is the fuel that drives our visceral and cerebral engines. We can achieve less, or even nothing, and cannot enjoy anything (including relationship) if our health is poor. Yoga also comes in handy here since it helps in nerves innervation, soothing relaxation, steady breathing, muscle toning, and many more. Doing yoga with your partner not only deepens the bond, but also makes you both healthy.

5. Improves your sex life

This has been intentionally reserved for the last. Sex! This exquisite and sacred act between lovers is the most humanly possible way to be intricately intimate with your lover. Yoga can help to cement the bond harder. Through the exercises involved, it can make you flexible; through the solitariness and the timing, it can discipline your body to be more persevering-which will in turn make you a superman in bed and last longer. Who says yoga and romance can't go together!

Now that you have read this article, waste no time in joining the yoga world, and remember to share your experience here. If yoga has helped your love life, please feel free to share in the comment. Thank you for visiting this blog and reading. Subscribe for more related articles to get your questions on yoga answered.

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